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Chantale Millard,

Chief Financial Officer

I really didn't like speaking in public, it was really difficult for me. But something  shifted for me working with Tricia. I do a lot of speaking for my company and this has made it so much easier. It's improved the way I present myself in meetings. I have more clarity and I get my point across. The last talk I did was in front of 60 strangers and I'd never been able to do that before. From that presentation I won a board position. That wouldn't have been possible before. 

Lynn Bailey, 

Senior Manager

Tricia came highly recommended to me as the person to help me overcome my reluctance to be "seen." Tricia's framework for developing and delivering my message with authenticity and the ability to just "own it" is incredibly powerful. I have gone from sitting in the back of the class in international training sessions to being comfortable at the front of the class and speaking in front of an international audience without hesitation. No notes and no powerpoint - I never would have believed that possible.

Elise Bialylew,

Founder: Mindful in May

I was working on a project that required me to deliver a really powerful message to inspire people to make a difference in the world. I needed help to sculpt my message, connect with what I was trying to say and to present it well to audiences. Tricia is an extraordinary teacher and leader, and working with her was so helpful.

Valerie Timms, 

Real Estate Principal

Booking in for Tricia's coaching was the best thing I did! I was offered a really exciting opportunity to be a keynote speaker at an industry function and I was terrified. Tricia gave me what I needed to structure my talk and even speak without notes. I loved being on the stage and received great feedback. Tricia is a true expert in her field and she was encouraging, thoughtful and so motivating!

Annie Harvey,

Wellbeing Coach

I saw Tricia speak and her presence intrigued me and I decided to work with her when I started my own speaking career. She helped me write my own signature talk and gave me the confidence to believe I could confidently tell my story. Tricia empowered me to show up and just be me!

Marisa Punshon,

Financial Consultant

After spending just one hour with Tricia I was able to solidify and finalise a speech that I had been trying to put together for a year! I now feel confident that when I stand before an audience I will not only be able to provide information but also reveal my story and my motivators behind my business. I'd felt uncomfortable about speaking and now I can be myself and talk in a way that will get results. It's exciting! 

Lisa Cook,

Managing Director

I worked with Tricia because I wanted to become a more inspirational speaker who had the ability to empower and motivate an audience to make a positive change in their professional career. Tricia gave me clarity about my message and  confidence and reassurance in my own presenting abilities. She understood me and my needs. I felt so comfortable testing my new skills with her.

Carolyn Parrella,

Executive Manager

Before I worked with Tricia I didn't mind talking in front of people but I was very nervous about it and didn't look forward to it at all. I now know I have a message I can share and that people will want to listen to and I certainly won't be approaching presenting with fear. Tricia made me feel so comfortable. It was a delight to work with her.

Hannah Davis,

Olympic Medallist

I felt I had a powerful message to deliver but had always been nervous about public speaking. Working with Tricia has given me the ability to deliver a presentation with confidence and without the need of notes, something I once thought not possible. I now have a new found zest and self-confidence. 

Hugh Higgins,

Principal Policy Officer

I have, without doubt, benefitted from Tricia's deep understanding of what works, and more importantly what doesn't, for a powerful presentation. I have gained new presentation skills that I'll never forget. 

Wendy Teasdale-Smith,


The sessions Tricia ran were excellent. The staff involved have spoken about making profound changes to the way they think, present and influence people. The sessions were carefully planned and focused on what we wanted and needed. Thanks for all your work Tricia.

Dorothy di Stefano,


Tricia is incredible to work with. My expectations were far surpassed and my confidence greatly improved. I now realise I have a lot to offer as a speaker and leader. I'm not exaggerating when I say that working with Tricia was life-changing. My confidence in my ability to sell myself to new clients has greatly increased.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field,


I started working with Tricia when all I thought I needed was some help with my confidence around presenting my research. Her guidance has stretched far beyond that. As a result I have managed to completely change my career and forge my own path. Tricia challenged me to write my own future. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Ruth Barker,


I engaged Tricia to assist me with designing a speaking business. I wrote my speech, a workshop and a book all from working with Tricia. I was impressed with her ability to guide me in an organised manner and she had the right attitude to instil confidence in my ability. Mostly though, she was honest about what I needed and what I didn't. I respect her immensely.

Danielle Dunlevey,


I would recommend working with Tricia to anyone. I came away knowing that great public speaking isn't about spin or polish, having years of experience or the perfect speech. Tricia's passion and insight were great, and the techniques she taught me were easy to

grasp, practical and clearly work. Thank you!


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